mother carrying her child in need of Child Custody Lawyer

4 Signs You Need a Child Custody Lawyer

You have the right to represent yourself in your child custody case, but some child custody cases are complex and require an in-depth knowledge of child custody laws that only an experienced family lawyer can provide.

If you’re unsure whether now is the right time to contact an attorney, here are four signs it’s in your best interest to hire child custody lawyers for your case.

4 Signs You Need A Child Custody Lawyer

  1. Your ex-spouse has hired a private child custody attorney.

    It’s never a good idea to try and represent yourself when your ex-spouse has their own child custody attorney. An experienced attorney understands family and child custody law and may be able to help your ex-spouse better navigate the legal processes. Hiring child custody lawyers yourself to represent you would help stand toe-to-toe with your ex in the courtroom.

  2. Your case has become more complicated.

    Many child custody cases become increasingly complicated, especially when parents stop getting along. For instance, only 44% of custodial parents receive the full amount of child support. If your ex wasn’t making child support payments or visiting the kids before, but are now, they could use those changes as a way to argue for shared custody. Complications such as these might indicate that it’s time to hire child custody lawyers.

  3. You have an inter-jurisdictional case.

    It’s generally recommended to seek counsel if you have a child custody case that crosses different jurisdictions. Inter-jurisdictional cases are already complicated from the beginning when you and your ex live in different states or even different countries. Child custody lawyers have the experience to better navigate the different child custody laws across state and international lines.

  4. The circumstances of your case have changed.

    It may be a good idea to hire child custody lawyers when your circumstances or those of your ex’s have significantly changed. For instance, if you or your ex has decided to move, remarry, or move in with another partner, then your child custody case can easily become more complicated.

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