Child Custody Law

Murfreesboro Child Custody Lawyer

Murfreesboro parents only want the best for their children. Hunter Fowler sees this every time he works with a parent struggling with a custody battle. That’s why he makes the needs of your family and your kids a priority when he works with you to understand child custody laws and how they affect your own unique family situation.

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Simple Explanations

Child custody can be confusing even in the best of circumstances. Whether it’s a case of divorce or unwed parents, most people have a poor understanding of how the law defines a legal parent and determines parental rights. For instance, despite what most fathers assume, signing a child’s birth certificate does not automatically give an unwed father parental rights, and this can cause problems later when the mother as the sole legal parent decides to leave. Even the rights of parents in the middle of a divorce are not always straightforward, and a parent may be surprised by the restrictions suddenly placed on them in this event.

If you find yourself in a complicated battle for the right to be part of your child’s life, Murfreesboro child custody attorney Hunter Fowler can help. Hunter has experience handling the most delicate of child custody cases, including those involving divorce, unwed parents, and questionable paternity. He can explain the laws surrounding child custody and make a plan of action to establish you as a legal parent with equal custody rights to your child.

The Expertise You Need

As part of his custody law practice, Hunter is an expert at creating and modifying parenting plans for his clients. Hunter has negotiated dozens of successful parenting and child support plans for parents who deserve a place in their child’s life. Additionally, he also specializes in negotiating modified parenting and child support plans. When your life changes and your original plan no longer works or circumstances require an alteration in child support, Hunter knows how to take your requests to the court and achieve the necessary modifications so your family life can continue as smoothly as possible.

Child custody doesn’t have to be a battle. Let Hunter Fowler walk you through the legal process of establishing parental rights or devising the best parenting plan possible for your family. His goal is the same as yours--find an outcome that serves everyone’s best interests with as little acrimony as possible.

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