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8 Tips for Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyers in Murfreesboro

Filing for divorce can be a stressful and painful experience. First marriages that end in divorce within five years account for 20% of all divorce cases. The dissolution of your union can be tough as you enter a struggle with your former partner. It may get even more complicated when fighting for child custody rights. Here are eight tips to help you chose the right divorce lawyers for your case.

1. Understand the Divorce Process and Your Needs

It’s not uncommon for parties involved to have pent up anger, frustrations, and disdain for each other. The right divorce attorney will help keep you focused on the issues you need to fight for. Look for alternatives to litigation. The lawyer can negotiate a collaborative divorce process for you.

2. Specializes In Family Law

The American Bar Association estimates there are over 1,315,561 lawyers in the U.S. Not all of them are capable of handling divorce cases.

You need lawyers who specialize in handling divorce cases and are well versed in family law issues. You may require a specialist in kid’s custody and child support issues if there are children involved.

3. Experience

An experienced attorney is aware of the legal formalities and procedures during a divorce process. Let the lawyer present their credentials and certifications that prove their expertise in family law. Some states have board-certified lawyers that only deal with family law. You may also need a lawyer with considerable courtroom experience.

4. Operate Under Local Jurisdiction

Most divorce lawyers have licenses to practice in several states, with some having a nationwide outreach. However, local regulations on family law may vary drastically. You’ll need lawyers who are versed in local state laws.

5. Excellent Negotiator

The end-game of any divorce process is the dissolution of marriage with a fair settlement to each party. Choose an attorney that can represent you effectively in an out-of-court agreement. The lawyers should have excellent negotiation skills to ensure your rights and those of your kids are protected.

6. Communication Skills

Custody fights often turn messy, and you may need a lawyer that understands your needs. The attorneys should offer legal advice in simple language that has less technical jargon. Hiring divorce attorneys with excellent communication skills may also give you an upper hand in your courtroom presentation.

7. Affordability

Different law firms have unique pricing models for their case, with some opting for a flat-fee and others billing per hour. Strike a balance and find a divorce lawyer that you can afford without strain on your financial abilities. You might not afford a high-end attorney while your finances are constrained. Always remember that just because a lawyer is expensive, it doesn’t mean they are the best, but at the same time, cheap may also be expensive.

8. Interview the Different Law firms

Create a list of prospective divorce lawyers and schedule a meeting with each firm. A face-to-face meeting may help you gauge their underlying philosophy and attitude towards divorce cases. If you resolve to divorce amicably without litigation, you may not need to go for a shark lawyer that goes straight for the jugular. You may ask for recommendations from friends and family or local bar associations.

In Conclusion

Divorce filing is an overwhelming process for all parties involved. Finding experienced divorce lawyers may help smoothen the process for a fair settlement and amicable marriage dissolution. Carton and Fowler can fight for your rights in Murfreesboro, TN.