Divorce Attorney writing on his documents

Five Ways to Find the Best Divorce Attorney

In the United States, there are 1,315,561 lawyers professionally practicing. However, not all of these lawyers specialize in divorce law, and if you’re currently going through a divorce, it’s important to know what to look for to ensure that you can get the best outcome possible.

To Help Make This Easier, Here Are Five Simple Steps You Should Follow


1. Set Realistic Goals

First and foremost you need to realize that the purpose of your divorce is the distribution of assets and the resolution of custody issues. The divorce attorney’s job is to ensure that you are represented and that your case gets the best resolution possible. That means you shouldn’t use them as a sounding board or as someone to vent your frustrations too. Instead, utilize your time with them to better understand how the legal process works and what you can do to better the chances of a favorable settlement.

2. Communicate What You Want

Before hiring the first divorce attorney you see advertised, be sure to consider exactly what you want. If custody and finances aren’t an issue, sometimes hiring a mediator is the best course of action. Mediation is both quick and cost-effective and might not require divorce lawyers at all. However, if you do have a more complicated case, a divorce attorney can help negotiate a settlement and represent you in the event your case is forced to go to court. In the event of a litigated trial, it’s especially important to communicate what you want to your attorney so that they can better work to put forth your case in a way that favors you. That said, you must also be open to compromise and listening to the advice your attorney gives. After all, their legal advice is a big reason why you hired them in the first place.

3. Multiple Options

Before deciding on which divorce attorney is best for you, it’s important to meet with multiple options. Oftentimes these consultations are free of charge and get allow you to gauge your personal comfort with a potential attorney. During your meeting you should ask about their experience and if they work often with cases like yours. You should also ask about how well previous cases were resolved and if their success rates are greater than others that you’ve met with or are planning to meet with. All of this is important information that can help you make the best decision possible.

4. Possible Red Flags

When meeting with divorce attorneys looks for how willing they are to divulge information on other cases. If they’re relatively lose lipped about other cases, chances are they will be the same about yours. Furthermore, if they aren’t respectful to the other attorneys you’re going to be interviewing, it’s likely they aren’t going to be very respectful to you during your case. After the initial interview, you should also see how willing they are to take your calls or if they get back to you in a quick and responsive manner. If they take days to call you back, it’s probably best to look elsewhere.

5. Deciding on the Best

If you follow the steps above you can find the best attorney for your case, and hopefully, ensure the best outcome possible. Divorce is an emotional and highly personal process, and a good divorce attorney will be able to empathize and help you through it step by step.