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Hiring a Divorce Lawyer? Watch Out for These Red Flags

When going through a divorce, most people are vulnerable and looking for a divorce lawyer who understands what they’re going through and will look out for their best interests. It’s easy to know what to look for in a divorce attorney, but do you know what you should watch out for?

Divorce can be challenging, and if you add the stress of a bad divorce lawyer, it makes things even worse. You don’t need anything else to worry about, so it’s essential to know what to look out for in a divorce lawyer. This article will cover the red flags you should watch out for when hiring a divorce lawyer.

Lack of Expertise

You need a divorce attorney who has experience working with clients who are ending their marriage. Hiring an inexperienced attorney or one that doesn’t specialize in divorce will only cause more stress for you in the long run.

Lack of Communication

Although you shouldn’t expect your lawyer to respond immediately, they should respond to calls and emails in a reasonable amount of time. If you feel like they’re ignoring you, it may be time to find another lawyer.

Lack of Compassion and Empathy

A divorce is a very emotional time, and it changes the lives of all of the parties involved. If your attorney doesn’t understand that, they will be hard to work with and won’t be able to make the process any easier for you. But on the other hand, a good lawyer will empathize with their client and help them figure out what they expect from the divorce.

Shows a Disinterest in Your Case

Your divorce attorney has to take an active interest in your case for them to advocate for you effectively. Every case is different, so your attorney should be willing and able to develop a solution that fits your needs. If your lawyer isn’t willing to do this, you should consider finding a new lawyer.

Doesn’t Provide Updates

A good lawyer will update you periodically about your case. For example, they should update you when they have filed documents and inform you on what the next steps could be. If you are constantly reaching out asking for updates, that’s a sign that they can’t be bothered keeping in touch with you.

Can’t Remember Details of Your Case

Your lawyer should be able to remember important details pertaining to your case, such as whether they have filed a document with the court. They should also be able to recall important items that you wish to have included in your divorce agreement.

Although you shouldn’t expect them to remember every detail, you should expect that they will keep detailed notes. If you repeatedly answer the same question, your lawyer is either disorganized or forgetful, either of which can negatively affect your case.

They’re Overly Aggressive

Your lawyer represents you, and others see them as an extension of you. When your spouse is treated poorly by your lawyer, it can cause them to fight back and turn what could have been an amicable split into a nasty court battle.

Much of the legal system requires collaboration, and lawyers must work well with one another. There are pre-trial stages that can save time and money for you during your divorce. If your attorney is only concerned about “crushing” the other side, they will not likely work well with your spouse’s lawyer during these stages. A good attorney knows that it’s sometimes necessary to work with the opposition to achieve what’s best for their client.

They’re Overly Positive

If your lawyer promises you the world, you should reconsider if you want to continue to work with them. During a divorce, courts separate everything, and each state attempts to divide things fairly. Therefore, there is no way that a lawyer can guarantee that they will get you everything you want.

Get the Best Legal Counsel Possible With Hunter Fowler

These are some of the red flags you should watch out for when searching for a divorce lawyer. If you see these red flags after you’ve started working with someone, you should find another attorney that you feel more comfortable with. The relationship with your divorce attorney is essential for getting the results you want in your case. You will be the one living with the outcome of your divorce, so you need to work with a lawyer you trust to represent you in your divorce.

When working with Attorney Hunter Fowler, you can rest assured that you are getting the best legal counsel possible. He will work with you throughout the entire process, ensuring that the final outcome is what is best for you and your family. 

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