Lawyer sign in and agreement regarding child custody

How To Change a Child Custody Agreement

Many times after a divorce becomes final and child custody has been agreed upon, one or both of the parents want to make changes to their child custody agreement. The best way to make those changes is to hire an experienced child custody attorney.

It can get very complicated when you are navigating the child custody laws and trying to change a custody agreement. Murfreesboro child custody is governed by Tennessee child custody laws and they can be complicated. A child custody attorney can make the process easier.

When Both Parties Agree

Many times parents are in agreement that there are some changes that need to be made to a custody agreement. When that is the case the process can be simplified. Perhaps, a parent will be out of town on business for an extended period and physical custody of the child will have to be changed, or it could be that one parent has given the agreement some thought and wants the other parent to have more time with the child. Whatever the case is, when both parents are in agreement that changes are in the best interest of the child, it makes the job easier for the child custody attorney.

When both parties agree that means that no one will contest the arrangement. The process is just a matter of filing some paperwork with the court. Unfortunately, in many cases, parents are at odds with each other over the changes.

Fighting for Your Rights

All child custody attorneys have horror stories about parents fighting over a child. Fighting for your rights to parent your child can put you in an extreme emotional state, the right child custody attorney moves with compassion and understanding to help ease the situation.

When parents cannot come to an agreement about the best situation for their child/ren, it is very important to have an experienced child custody attorney on your side. The right attorney will fight for your rights as a parent, and help to ensure that the child’s best interest, as well as yours, is a priority.

The custody change process can be a long process that involves filing paperwork, evaluations by the court and more. It is very important to have the right legal support on your side. Changing a custody agreement is not an easy task when the parties involved are not willing to compromise. Protecting your rights in the process requires experience.