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How to Prepare for a Divorce in 2022

No one goes into a marriage planning to get a divorce, but unfortunately, many marriages don’t last forever. If you find yourself heading into 2022 and facing a divorce, you need to prepare yourself for it.

While all divorces are unique, one thing remains the same in every case. If you don’t prepare for your divorce, you could find yourself unhappy with the results. Since divorce can be a very complex legal matter (especially if you have children) you need to be prepared to deal with every issue that may pop up during the divorce proceedings.

Ultimately, your best bet is to hire a knowledgeable and skilled divorce attorney as soon as possible when you know that a divorce is inevitable. Today, we will cover that along with some of the best ways to prepare yourself for your divorce.

Hire a Skilled Divorce Attorney

The sooner you can hire a good divorce lawyer, the better. While some divorces are simple, straightforward processes, many are not. If you have considerable assets or debts, children to consider, or are going through a particularly messy divorce, a lawyer is invaluable to help guide you through the process and get the best result possible. 

If you are concerned about the cost of a divorce attorney, your attorney may be able to help you get temporary spousal support to help pay all or a portion of your attorney fees.  

Learn About Tennessee Divorce Laws

Divorce laws vary from state to state. If you meet the residency requirements for divorce in Tennessee, you should be informed about the divorce process there. Divorces in Tennessee aren’t quick, and you will have to wait at least 60-90 days after drafting a divorce complaint before the divorce can be completed.

You may need to learn about child custody laws or how to request spousal support in Tennessee. Unless you are already familiar with the Tennessee divorce law, you need to educate yourself to have a better chance of getting the outcome you want when your divorce is finalized.

Discuss Separation Plans

Will you have custody of any children when you separate? Who will stay in the home you own or rent? And who will get custody of the family pet, considering the potential emotional impact of divorce on dogs and other pets? Temporary visitation agreements may need to be made, and you may need to consider mediation to make the divorce process smoother for the entire family.

You may want to consider whether or not a divorce is what you want. Sometimes, a legal separation can give you the space you need to assess whether or not you want to try and rebuild your marriage. Your attorney can advise you on whether your situation may benefit from a legal separation instead of a traditional divorce.

Get Organized

When you hire a divorce lawyer, one of the first things they will have you do is to take stock of all your personal belongings, including those acquired during the marriage. Property and some personal belongings will be split up between you and your ex, so if there are any specific items you want to keep, you’ll need to identify them.

You should also compile the legal documents that may be needed during your divorce. Tax returns, marriage agreements, wills, and other legal documents that affect both you and your spouse may need to be produced. 

In addition to organizing your assets, you should organize and list your debts. Providing your attorney with a clear picture of your financial situation is crucial, so gather as much information as you can.

Make a Budget

If you’ve relied on your spouse for financial support during your marriage, you may be surprised to find how expensive it is to live alone, especially if you have children. Take a realistic look at how much you will need to survive each month. 

Your attorney may recommend that you request alimony to help you get back on your feet, and if you have custody of your children, child support will also be assessed. You may need to consider the loss of health insurance or other benefits provided by your spouse. 

If possible, you should try and put aside some savings to help you after the divorce. The financial impact of a divorce can be difficult to comprehend, but you may be able to lessen the financial stress on yourself if you plan. 

Get the Expert Legal Advice and Support You Deserve

Whether you are filing for divorce or have been served divorce papers, you may feel like your world has just come crashing down around you. It’s a very vulnerable and confusing place to be in, which is why you need the best legal counsel possible to navigate all the ins and outs of divorce law. 

Attorney Hunter Fowler has provided legal services to many individuals in your precise situation and will work with you through every detail of your divorce proceedings to ensure the final outcome is what you want for yourself and your family. 

Contact Murfreesboro Divorce Attorney Hunter Fowler today to get the legal counsel you deserve.