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Should I Hire a Local Divorce Lawyer?

Finding a qualified, experienced divorce lawyer is beneficial to the success of your case. It’s vital to have someone who knows the law on your side to fight to protect your interests throughout the divorce process. But some wonder, are you required to hire a local divorce lawyer to represent you?

While retaining the services of an experienced divorce lawyer is important, it’s equally important to hire the right lawyer. One of the ways you can ensure that you receive the best representation is to hire a local divorce lawyer. This article will review some reasons why you should hire a local lawyer to represent you in your divorce proceedings.

Why Choose a Local Divorce Lawyer?

Tennessee Code § 36-4-104 (2020) addresses the residency requirements for filing for a Tennessee divorce. It states that if the divorcing spouses live in separate counties, you can file the divorce in either of those counties. That means if you and your spouse live in different counties, your divorce may be filed in a county other than the one you reside in.

You may choose to hire an attorney in the county where the divorce will take place. And while you’re not required to hire an attorney in the same county as you, they must have a license to practice in the state in which you reside. You can check the Online Tennessee Attorney Directory to ensure that the attorney you are interested in hiring is licensed in the state.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a local divorce lawyer.

They Know the Local Court System

While most courts in the state follow the same rules of procedure, meaning all licensed lawyers should be familiar with these rules, some counties will adopt local rules that apply strictly to the courts in that county. As a result, when you use a local attorney, they will be more familiar with these local rules and will be able to navigate the system better.

Violating a court procedure will not only annoy the judge, but it will also delay your divorce, as it will take additional time for you to try to comply with local rules. Hiring a local attorney will eliminate this problem.

They are Familiar With Local Judges

Divorce cases do not have a jury trial. The decision is made solely by the judge. The standards that judges use to make decisions on contested issues can be very vague.

For example, when deciding on child custody, they must make a decision based on the “best interest” of the child. While there are predetermined factors to consider, the process is subjective, and each judge will weigh certain factors differently.

The same holds true for spousal support and an “equitable” division of marital assets. Again, there are factors they can use as a guide, but ultimately the final decision is at their discretion.

You can benefit significantly when your divorce lawyer is familiar with the local judges. A local lawyer will know what type of information can persuade a judge and how they prefer to receive this information. This type of local knowledge can be priceless.

Their Relationships With Other Lawyers

Similar to the benefits of knowing local judges, a local lawyer will be familiar with other lawyers. All lawyers are different and typically require different approaches. When your lawyer knows how another lawyer works, it can aid them in creating a stronger strategy for your case.

Communication is Easier

While emails and cell phones have made it much easier to keep in touch, having a lawyer close by can be helpful. Whether you need to drop off paperwork or sign documents, it’s always more convenient to have a short distance to travel.

You’re More Than Just a Number With Attorney Hunter Fowler

While you have the right to choose the lawyer best suited for you and your specific circumstances, there is value in having an attorney familiar with other lawyers and judges you may end up crossing paths with during your divorce. Hiring a local divorce lawyer can provide a number of benefits that a lawyer from another county cannot.

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