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Things To Know About Custody Before You Call A Divorce Lawyer

From working with criminal law to divorce cases, lawyers are well versed and experienced with all of the ins and outs our justice system.

If you’re going through a tough divorce, you’re also going to need a qualified lawyer in your corner to help navigate you through these uncharted waters. A good lawyer can be beneficial during this stressful time. After all, nearly 827,000 divorces are filed every year. And behind every case, there’s been a lawyer hired to assist their clients through this difficult period.

Though your marital relationship with one family member has ended, that’s not to say that your relationship with your child or children is over. Child custody falls under an attorney’s range of expertise, but before you give them a call, here’s what you need to know about child custody laws in Tennesse. Being well versed in the subject yourself can help you gain a greater understanding of the child custody process and give you the upper hand.

Tennessee does not preferentially lean towards mothers

What was once a harmful doctrine, granting the mother with sole custody of the child based on her gender, has been abolished. You’ll be happy to learn that Tennessee does not discriminate or prefer one gender over the other when making its decision.

A parenting class is mandatory

One of the first things you’ll do as a parent filing for divorce is take a court-appointed parenting class. It’s required for both parents, and you’ll only be allowed to move forward with the divorce after you’ve taken the class. Expect it to cover:

  • discussing divorce with your child
  • helping your child through the trauma of the separation
  • how to move on as a family

Know what factors the court takes into consideration when deciding

If both parents are struggling to come up with an agreement, the court will help decide based on:

  • the mental health of both parties involved
  • the physical health of both parties involved
  • if the child is over the age of 12, their preference is taken into consideration
  • whether or not the parent can provide the child access to clean food and water in their care
  • if either parent has had a history of physical or sexual abuse

You can apply for joint custody

In cases where both parents will continue living within close proximity of each other, the parents can file for equal joint custody. This is seen as preferential to the court, as it allows the child to spend time with both parents.

When you’re still struggling

It’s normal to have many questions as you’re going through this tough period of time. A divorce lawyer can help guide you through the process and work out an agreement that is suitable for both you and your child. Their jobs don’t solely rely on criminal law, and big-ticket cases in the criminal law field. There are divorce lawyers out there who can help you find the most ideal arrangement for you and your family.