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Want to Hire a Cheap Divorce Lawyer? Think Again!

Everyone wants to save money. That’s especially true when you’re going through a divorce. However, trying to save money during your divorce by hiring a cheap divorce lawyer can end up costing you way more in the long run.

When it comes to your divorce, you need to employ the services of a divorce lawyer who can ensure that your case is handled correctly and in a timely manner. After all, your financial and emotional future depends on it.

And while saving money where you can is important, that old saying “You get what you pay for” can have dire consequences when choosing the cheapest lawyer for your divorce. We’re going to discuss the most common reasons why you shouldn’t hire a cheap divorce attorney.

Cheap Lawyers Tend to Handle Only Simple Cases

When a divorce lawyer is able to offer low prices, it’s because they won’t handle cases unless they are very simple. If things such as alimony, child support or child custody, significant assets, property, business assets, or any other type of major factor are part of your divorce, it’s likely that a cheap divorce lawyer won’t even accept your case.

Cheap Lawyers Won’t Fight for You

Your divorce lawyer’s job is to fight for your interests during your divorce. It may be because they don’t have time, or maybe because they don’t have the necessary experience, but whatever the reason, a cheap divorce lawyer isn’t going to put as much effort into your case that an experienced divorce lawyer would.

As a result of this lack of advocacy, you could end up with less than what you are entitled to. An experienced divorce lawyer will allot the appropriate resources to ensure that your interests are adequately represented and that you end up with the best possible outcome.

Your Divorce Could Take Longer

The longer your divorce takes, the more your lawyer can charge you. And cheap divorce lawyers have been known to miss deadlines on purpose so they can extend your divorce and bill you more for their services.

Lack of Communication

Do you want to stay up to date on your case? Maybe you have questions for your lawyer? Even the most basic divorces can be complex. And you’ll need to be able to depend on having an open line of communication with your lawyer.

Cheap divorce lawyers take on a substantial number of cases to compensate for the lower billing rates they are charging. This results in a lack of time to provide personalized attention and often even communicate with their clients. Not knowing what’s going on with your case can end up leaving you in a bad situation.

An experienced divorce attorney will be available to answer your questions and will take the time to communicate what’s happening with your case. 

Serious Mistakes are a Common Occurrence

Since a cheap divorce lawyer won’t spend as much time on your case as an experienced lawyer would, it’s common to see more mistakes. Mistakes as simple as the incorrect spelling of a name, filing documents late, or misplacing paperwork can lead to your case being dismissed. When your case is dismissed, you must start the process again, including paying your “cheap” lawyer.

While you may pay more for an experienced divorce lawyer, they spend time with their clients and avoid mistakes that can affect your divorce. As a result, you can rest assured knowing that your experienced lawyer is doing their job correctly, and you won’t be surprised by unexpected complications or expenses.

Cheap Lawyers Typically Have Little Experience

Cheap rates often reflect the amount of experience a lawyer has. Someone new to the job or without experience can fail to identify opportunities or offer bad legal advice. And if your divorce isn’t settled correctly from the start, your ex can return requesting an additional settlement in the future.

When you’re working with a seasoned lawyer, you can be confident in the advice and representation they are providing you. They will ensure there are no loopholes that can result in damages in the future.

Get the Representation You Deserve with Attorney Hunter Fowler

In the long run, hiring the cheapest divorce attorney can end up being the more expensive route. An experienced divorce attorney will ensure that your case will be handled efficiently and will utilize their knowledge to ensure you get the outcome you desire.

Attorney Hunter Fowler provides you with the comprehensive legal counsel that you deserve. In Hunter’s practice, clients come first. Throughout the process, Hunter will always look for ways to benefit you as much as possible. And if your case goes to trial, he will do whatever it takes at each hearing to ensure that your needs are heard and met.

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